How to add, move, or delete event days

The event agenda allows you to manage event days in a breeze. You can add non-consecutive days to your event agenda, and move or delete them. 

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Where to find schedule calendar

Access the event calendar by clicking on the green button that shows the currently open day. Find it in the left upper corner above your schedule (tab Content → Schedule). The marked days in the calendar are your created event days. 

Right next to your calendar, there is an editor bar where you can choose whether you want to Add, Move, or Delete a day. 

A few things to note:

  • You cannot edit days in the past, nor move days to the past
  • An event cannot be longer than one year (empty days included)

Add a new day

  1. Open the calendar
  2. In the editor bar, choose to Add, the calendar will change its color to blue
  3. Pick a day you would like to add to your agenda
  4. Changes are automatically saved

Move a day

  1. Open the calendar
  2. In the editor bar, choose to Move, the calendar will change its color to purple
  3. Drag and drop a day on top of an empty day to move it
  4. If you have sessions scheduled for that day, you will be notified that they all will be moved as well. Click Yes to proceed.
  5. Changes are automatically saved

Delete a day

  1. Open the calendar
  2. In the editor bar, choose to Delete, the calendar will change its color to red
  3. Click on the day you would like to delete
  4. By confirming, you agree you will lose all the sessions you created for this day
  5. Changes are automatically saved 

Change the event starting day

You can also move your event days by changing the start of your event. 

This change will, however, move your whole timeline, including the sessions. Make sure, you agree with that before you proceed. For moving individual days, use the Edit days bar as described above.

  1. Go to Dashboard, tab Overview
  2. Click on the green button Edit event information
  3. Change the Start of the event
  4. Hit the button Save

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