How to manage Live Polls

Live polls help you to collect real-time insights about your audience. With live polls, you can:

  • Create an unlimited number of polls for lectures
  • Add an unlimited number of answers
  • Share the results live with the attendees on a projector

And how does it work? The same as with the feature Live Questions - You have to allow Live polls for the particular lectures where you want to use them. The list of all the lectures and the possibility to allow Live polls you can find in tab Engagement → Questions & Polls. Just tick off the small square next to the word "Polls".

For each individual lecture, when you click on Manage → Polls, you can create an unlimited number of polls, but remember that you can activate (make visible to attendees) only one question at a time. You can prepare them and save them for later, or run them live immediately. You can decide if you want to allow multiple answers (one person can choose more than one answer) or not. When you run the poll, you can also pause it temporarily, or stop it.

You can start and pause all the prepared polls with your mobile phone - only people with admin and moderator roles can do that.

Moreover, you can continuously show the results right in the app to your attendees.

However, when you show the results, the attendees who didn't vote see the results and can't vote at the same time. When you turn it off, attendees can continue voting again.

In the web administration in polls management, you can also turn on the Projector mode during the lecture and display all the answers in full-screen mode.

Note: Currently, you are not able to export data from polls. You can only see in your administration how many people voted and what are the final results.

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