Your event overview

Use the Dashboard to keep yourself organized throughout the process of creating your event with Eventee and also for real-time event evaluation during your event. The Dashboard provides you with an overview and analytics features, which give you valuable event insights. 

On the Overview page you can see the status of your event and utilization. You can see which information you have already filled in, and which not. By clicking on each of the items in the list, you will be directed to the target page. 

The Dashboard is also the place where you can edit your general event information, like name, date, event category, description, etc. You should also upload your logo here, so your attendees know right away what event they are joining.

Magic link

In the Dashboard, you can also find a Magic link. It is on the left side of the page, right under your plan overview. Magic link is a unique link to your event in Eventee. It consists of a QR code and a URL link. It gives you and the attendees quick access to your event.

The Magic link works as a deeplink. When your attendees scan the QR code or click on the URL link, they will be directed to App Store or Google Play to download the Eventee app. After downloading and registration, they will get right into your event in Eventee, no need for searching. If they already have Eventee app downloaded, they will straightly open your event by scanning the code.


You can also quickly preview your event through the Magic link and test it before you publish it. 

Besides all the mentioned above, in the Dashboard you can also see basic statistics - how many invitations were sent, how many attendees do you have in your event and how many observers saw your event. For a closer explanation of all these roles, check out the section about users. Find more information about the evaluation metrics here.