How to set day split

By default, the last session of the day ends by midnight. This means that every session after midnight appears on the next-day schedule. 

The new agenda allows you to change the time when the days should split, so you can include all your after-parties and pass-midnight sessions on the same day page.

This is how you adjust the end of the day based on your needs:

1. Open your Schedule in the tab Content

2. Click on the green button that says "Set day split" in the left upper corner of the agenda

3. Adjust the end of the day by selecting one of the given time options 

4. Hit Save

The agenda adapts to your choice, if you set the day split, for example, to 3:00 AM, the agenda will extend the fields to 3:00 AM. After that, you will be able to create sessions in the newly added time frame.

Note: When creating a session, you can type its duration manually in the detail of the session if the given time options are not sufficient for your case. If you need to create an after-midnight session, remember to extend the agenda fields by setting the day split first. Otherwise, the day schedule ends by midnight.

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