How to add sessions to your personal agenda (iOS)

Are there any sessions you don’t want to miss? The personal agenda will help you keep track of your favorite sessions!

There are two ways to add a session to your personal agenda:

  1. Drag and drop them
    Long-click the session in the Program tab that you are interested in. Once the session pops out of its place, simply drag and drop it on top of the heart icon within the menu bar. All done. You have successfully added this session to your Agenda!
  2. Heart them
    Click on the session in the Program tab that you are interested in to open the session's detail. By clicking on the heart icon in the right upper corner, you will add the session to your Agenda.
How to add Workshops to your agenda

Since you can add a Workshop to your personal agenda only by booking a seat, you won't find a heart here, nor can you drag and drop the session. After you book a seat, the Workshop will appear in your agenda automatically.

Get updates about your agenda

Make sure to turn on the alerts in tab More if you want to be notified before your sessions start.

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