How to join the event (Android)

Hooray, it's time to join the event!

Go ahead ~ pick one of the following options and join your event easily.

  1. ‘I downloaded the app via email invitation.’ 

    That's great news! Now, go and open the app. You will be automatically sent to your event and even logged in.

  2. ‘I have downloaded the app via QR code.’ 
    Amazing! You can go ahead and open the Eventee app, it will redirect you to your event.
  3. ‘I have downloaded the app manually.’ 
    Sure thing! Open the app, you will see a big search bar right on the first screen. Here you have two options - either use the search bar or the QR code scanner to find your event. In the picture below, marked as 1 and 2.

Cannot get into the event? You might be joining a restricted event.

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