How to get the Eventee app (web app)

Disclaimer: The web app is made for laptops, notebooks, tablets, and other bigger devices. If you are a mobile user, we strongly suggest you get the Eventee mobile app (we provide native iOS and Android apps). Your experience will be much better.

The Eventee web app is browser-based, which means it runs on internet browsers. This allows you to access the event without downloading the app. 

There are three ways how you can arrive at the Eventee web app and join the event - via invitation, event homepage, or manually. If you have a QR code (not a ticket), the best way would be to scan it with your mobile phone and continue to our iOS or Android app guides mentioned above.

Email invitation

This is the easiest way to access your event on the Eventee web app. 

Open your web browser, head over to your email, and search for the name of your event. You should find an invitation from [email protected] that looks like the one shown below. The 'Join event' button will get you to the Eventee web app.

Event homepage

You can access the web app through the event homepage as well. The event homepage might be similar to the web app at some point, but you cannot really engage and consume the event content here (you cannot watch streams, book seats to workshops, network with other attendees, etc.). 

The 'Join event' button in the upper right corner will get you to the Eventee web app.

Search manually

Can’t find the invitation or link to the event homepage? No worries, you can still search for your event manually. 

Open your preferred search tool and search for ‘[Your event’s name] + ‘Event Eventee’’. In our case, we searched for ‘Eventee Walkthrough Summit Event Eventee’.

Got here, but still couldn't find the event? Head over to and contact our customer support, we’ll be more than happy to help you!

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