Connect social networks with Eventee

🚨 ATTENTION PLEASE 🚨: In light of the current situation with social networks, we will no longer be able to support Instagram and Twitter integration. Despite that, we are confident that Eventee will continue to be a valuable companion for managing your event and engaging attendees. Thank you for understanding. 🙏

In the section Engagement in your admin panel, besides the Newsfeed, you can also find an Integration of Twitter and Instagram.

What are the benefits of this feature?

  • Increased attendee engagement by sharing pictures and tweets;
  • “Free” promotion of your event brand by the attendees;
  • Connection of your attendees' social networks profiles.

Firstly, you have to come up with a list of hashtags that you want to use for your conference. It could be basically anything related to your conference - if you have a conference named “Activating Leadership 2019”, it could be simply activatingleadership19 or acitavtingleadership2019. Write them without the symbol "#". Do the same for Instagram and Twitter. However, avoid using general hashtags and try to use more specific ones related to your event. Be aware that all the tweets and pictures which have ever been used with the hashtags you choose will be seen in Eventee. For example, activatingleadership will not be a good choice because there are a lot of posts that have already been posted with this hashtag.

Moreover, you can add your Twitter account and all the tweets from your account will be shown in the application.

How to encourage the attendees to use the hashtags and share photos and tweets from your event?

  • Show the hashtags on visible places - spread them in the venue, add them to a presentation or send them by email;
  • Create a competition and motivate your attendees to share photos (for example the craziest photo of the event gets an award)

Please, don't forget that the attendees need to have a public profile on Instagram in order to show their posts in Eventee. Remind the attendees to do so. 😊

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