How to activate the features

Features can be turned on directly in each tab (e.g. if you want to turn on the feature Networking, go to Dashboard, tab Networking) or in Settings, where you can decide which features you want and which not just by toggling the buttons. 

You can activate and manage these following features in Settings:



This feature keeps your attendees updated throughout the event. You can either schedule your posts or send them in real-time. Thanks to the notifications your attendees won't miss any of your announcements and reminders.

You can learn more about this feature in the article Send newsfeed posts with notification.

Event type

There are 3 event types - virtual, hybrid, and in-person. The Eventee app adapts to the specific needs of the event type you choose.

Virtual - Enables virtual event features in both mobile and web app. It also removes the requirement to enter a physical address, instead, it asks you for a location that will determine the default time zone. So far, Eventee supports streams from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live, Twitch, SlidesLive, and Zoom. If you want to know more about virtual events, don't hesitate to read through the article Create a virtual event with Eventee.

Hybrid - Enables virtual event features with the option to hide them in the mobile app. Attendees who join via the mobile app will be asked if they are attending the event physically or virtually. If they are joining virtually, the virtual event features (like streams) will be visible, otherwise, Eventee will hide them. Attendees are able to change the mode in the settings of the app at any time. The web app will always show virtual event features.

In-person - Hides virtual event features in both mobile and web app.


Eventee networking is easy and fun! Turn this feature on and let your attendees connect with each other through their mobile phones.

You can find more details on how the Networking tool works in the article here.


You can very easily navigate your attendees through your agenda with colorful tracks. In the app, attendees can filter and follow sessions they are interested in.

For more information about tracks, read the article here.

PIN code

Keeps your event private with a PIN code.

  • Enables to lock your event with a PIN code;
  • Users of the Eventee app can view your event only with the correct PIN code.


Allowlist is a feature that works similar to PIN code - it ensures keeping your event private. However, unlike PIN code, Allowlist means that only the people you invite, either by adding their emails into Eventee or by importing them from Eventbrite, could view and open your event in Eventee.

  • Enables to keep your event private;
  • Gives access to your event only to imported attendees - manually added or imported from ticketing platforms Eventbrite, SimpleTicket, GoOut, TiTo, and Mitingu.

If this feature is active, an additional button "Buy ticket" will appear on your event home page and on the login page when your visitors click on "Join event" but don't have a ticket. This button will take them to your chosen ticketing platform where they can buy a ticket. Note that not every ticketing platform supports this option.

Restrict anonymous users

If you turn this on, anonymous attendees will not be able to join your event and they will be instructed to create an account or log in. After that, they can join your event.

Hide ratings

This feature hides the possibility to rate sessions. 

Public API

You can generate your own API token. With API access:

  • You are able to update the agenda of an event;
  • You can share the login information between Eventee and your site.


This feature helps you track how many attendees visited each session. If you want to track this, contact us at because the process is more complex and needs special care.


This is an enterprise feature, which allows you to change the looks of the Eventee app and match it with your event identity. Learn more about the possibilities you can customize through this feature in the article here.


So far Eventee allows integration with following ticketing services: SimpleTicket, Eventbrite, GoOut, TiTo, Mitingu. Learn more.

Other available integrations: Zapier, Mailchimp. 

Learn more about the integration with Zapier or Mailchimp.


12h time

This feature changes the 24h format to 12h format.

Email language

You can change the language of the automatic e-mails from Eventee (approval e-mail, attendee invitation e-mail, etc.). 

Schedule scale

The schedule scale adjusts the size of the agenda according to your needs! You can choose from three sizes. If you have multiple short lectures, the Large size would suit you. On the other hand, if you have multiple longer lectures (2 hours and more), the Small size would suit you. Preview it with your mobile phone and deliver the best user experience to your attendees!