Customize the looks of the Eventee app

The key to properly done event branding is to provide a consistent image of your brand throughout the event. Custom branding is a feature that allows you to customize the looks of the Eventee app and match it with your event brand identity. Your attendees will see your brand whenever they use the app, which will help them be more connected with your event.

In this article, we will talk about two things: 

Set up your branding

You can make the customizations in Settings → Branding. This feature is available for e-mails, web and mobile app.

Magic color

Magic color is an AI algorithm that generates colors from your uploaded image and uses them automatically in the section Custom color for both mobile and web app. You just need to upload an image and click on the button  Generate

Note: The image you upload here does not apply to the banner displayed in the app, it serves only to generate the colors for the background and active elements. To customize the banner, you need to upload the image to the web, mobile and e-mail branding section.

Web branding

You can change the color, banner (16:6) and hide overlay in the web branding feature. Each customization you make is instantly visible, so you can see what the app will look like before you publish your event. 

Mobile branding

The mobile branding feature includes the possibility to add your own banner (format 16:6), instead of using the default category images. And also change the colors of the Eventee app. The changes are instant, so you can check them right away in the app.

E-mail branding

You can also customize the Eventee e-mail invitation - you can change the color, banner (format 16:9), and choose if you wish to hide your logo or not (by default the logo appears in the middle of the banner). Once you are done, you can send a test invitation to the admin account and see how it's going to look.

Custom color

Play with the colors of the background and active elements of the app (such as buttons). There are more ways to set your desired color. You can either choose manually from the color picker or insert a HEX or RGB color code.

Your customizations are automatically saved. You can get back to the default colors by resetting your customizations.

Custom branding in action

And finally, what does the event with custom branding look like? Feel free to browse through our branded testing event yourself: Eventee Walkthrough Summit, Jul 27 or just check out the screenshots below.

Event Homepage

Web App

Mobile app

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