How to preview and publish an event


During your planning phase, you can preview the event on your mobile phone. Click on Preview in the upper bar in administration and follow the instructions.

When you are in the mobile app Eventee, you see all the published events and all your draft events. Draft events have a special label "Draft"


Once you have everything prepared, you can pay and publish your event. Please, make sure that you have all the necessary information filled in. Furthermore, remember that even after publishing you still can make changes in agenda or settings. The changes will be visible immediately in the mobile application.

As soon as your event is published, you will receive an email. Right after that, you should spread the information that you use Eventee mobile app among the attendees and encourage them to download it and log in to your event.

If you have your event integrated with Eventbrite or other supported ticketing platform, we will automatically invite all attendees to join your event in Eventee right after the publication.

If you don't have the integration with any ticketing platform, you have several other options to motivate the attendees to download and use Eventee:

  • Invite the attendees straight from the admin panel;
  • Download Magic link from your Dashboard and publish it on your website or social media pages;
  • Send the Magic link via email to your attendees;
  • Use a link to download the app directly from App Store or Google Play and share it with your attendees. After downloading, the attendees can easily find your event in the app.

More tips for boosting the usage of Eventee here.