Frequently asked questions

What language will the downloaded app be in?

Eventee automatically uses the language that is sat on your device. If your language is not supported, english is set by default.

What languages does the app support except English?

Yes, the current version supports Czech, English, German, Norwegian, Slovak, Brazilian Portuguese, French and Chinese. Other languages will be added over the time.

Do you provide a desktop/web version of Eventee?

Yes, you can configure your web experience in Settings / Website.

Does the mobile and web app have the same features?

We develop new features for both mobile and web version of Eventee on bi-weekly basis. Even with such fast development there is a slight difference between these two versions. The current web version of Eventee is missing Networking and Custom menu features.

Custom branding on a web version, how does that work?

Custom branding currently works only on the mobile application. The support of the web version will be added later this year or at the beginning of the next year.

Custom branding vs. white label, do I get my own app with custom branding?

Custom branding includes custom colors, logo and banner for your event in Eventee app. We do provide white label option with your own icon and name on the App Store for extra $2000/year to the regular plan.

What streaming/video services do you support?

We do support almost all services as a RTMP stream service with a custom video player. Video sharing services like YouTube, Vimeo and Twitch are supported.

Is it possible to use tools like Zoom, Meet, Teams for virtual events?

Yes, we call these services virtual meeting tools. In each session detail there is a text field where you can place a URL link to your virtual conference.

How does PIN / Allowlist work?

The features PIN and Allowlist are part of the privacy elements of your event. You can only use one of them, never both. While Allowlist allows access only to invited users signed up with the very same email address, events locked with a PIN code can be accessed by anyone who has the correct PIN.

What possibilities do you have for sponsors/exhibitors to showcase themselves and interact with attendees?

Eventee does not support features for sponsors or exhibitors by default, but you can use other features to promote them at your event. With the feature Custom menu, you can create a list of exhibitors or sponsors and with Newsfeed you can promote them by sending promotional posts with push notification.

Does Networking work for a group?

No, Networking is meant to be only private 1:1 chat.

Can attendees download slides, images or other files from the app?

Yes, you can upload all kinds of files to each session. The limit is 25MB per file.

Does Eventee engage attendees after the event has ended?

Yes, you can always stay in touch with your attendees thanks to our engagement tools. The users of Eventee app at your event are still able to receive push notifications if you send them a post after your event has ended.

Can I use the app without Internet connection?

The Eventee mobile app is developed as offline first. That means that your content is always accessible, even offline. We try to make it as easy as possible, so you can also review your sessions offline and once your phone appears online, the content synchronises automatically.
Features that require online access are Networking and links in the Custom menu.

How much space does the app use?

Eventee is developed as a fully native app and with focus on the lightness. Thanks to that the app consumes less space and is more reliable than applications similar to Eventee. The current version has ~72MB and we will always aim under 100MB.

Do I need any technical skills to create an event?

Not at all. If you can use a calendar app on your phone or computer, you are fully capable of making your own event with Eventee.

How long does it take to create an event on my own?

Our goal is to deliver the easiest experience with an event mobile app on the market. So it is very easy to create an event with Eventee. The average time for a new user to create an event is under one hour for a smaller event. Experienced users are able to deliver their event in around 10 minutes.

Is it possible to build a feature in the app that you don’t currently offer?

You can ask via We usually do not provide development of custom features, but there is a chance that the requested feature is already on our roadmap or it’s just a smaller task, so we can take a quick look at it.

Which Browsers and Operating Systems are supported?

The Eventee web application supports all major browsers and operating systems. Resolution of 1280 x 720 and higher is recommended.
The Eventee mobile application is supported on all major systems and brands. We deliver our application for Android and iOS, with support of the current version of the OS. We also provide at least one version of backward compatibility. In the case of iOS we currently support iOS 12, 13 and 14.

Do event attendees need to pay to use the mobile and web app?

No. Downloading the app and accessing your event (both mobile and web version) is free for all attendees. The costs are already covered in the Eventee subscription plans, which are being paid by the event organizers.

Will my event be listed in the Eventee app forever?

We guarantee that your event is accessible for 12 months after the event has ended, as long as you are subscribed to Eventee services. Once you cancel your subscription or decide not to extend Eventee subscription, your events won’t be accessible.
In the case of Free plan we guarantee one month of access after the event has ended.

What is the privacy policy of Eventee?

Eventee is fully compliant with GDPR. You can read more about our privacy policy at this link.

Is there any promotional offer if I have multiple events?

Our pricing is already designed to offer plans with the best value, each meeting different needs of our customers. Event managers, who organise multiple events can simply choose a higher tier and save a significant amount of money.

Is there any promotional offer for NGOs?

If you are an NGO, let us know at and we will make an offer to you.