Create a virtual event with Eventee

Turn this feature on in SettingsFeatures (if you chose to create your event virtually at the beginning, this feature will be automatically turned on) and let your attendees watch your streams and videos right through the mobile or web app. After you have activated this feature, you can add and manage your stream and video links by clicking on the button Manage, which will open a window with all your rooms. Here you can directly insert different links for each of your rooms. You can also add a different link to each of your session separately (in the detail of each session).

So far, Eventee supports streaming and video playback from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live and Twitch. Additional services will be added in the future versions of Eventee.
In case of live streams, note, that your attendees only have access to live streams of currently running sessions, e.g. when a live session begins at 9am, your attendees will automatically see the live stream after they have clicked on this concrete session in the mobile app (at this moment, past sessions and future sessions only show description to the attendees). The web application will show a countdown clock if the live stream has not started yet.
Pre-recorded videos are accessible throughout the whole event.

May you be interested in reading more about virtual events with Eventee, don't hesitate to check our blog article here.