Create virtual experience with Eventee

Turn this feature on in SettingsFeatures (if you chose to create your event virtually at the beginning, this feature will be automatically turned on) and let your attendees watch your streams and videos right through the mobile or web app.

You have two options how to insert your live stream and video links:

  • Add links to stages: Click on the button Manage in Settings → Features Virtual event, which will open a window with all your stages. Here you can directly insert different links for each of your stages. 
  • Add links to individual sessions: In the detail of each session, there are Virtual event columns where you can simply copy and paste your links. You can also schedule the video access to restrict peeking at it before the session starts. 

So far, Eventee supports streaming and video playback from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live, and Twitch. Additional services will be added in the future versions of Eventee.

Note: If you use YouTube to stream your sessions, the streams will play automatically right after your attendees enter the session. This can not be changed. If you don't want your streams to autoplay, consider using other video sharing services (e.g. Vimeo). 

You can also insert a link to any meeting tool (like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams) into the detail of the session, so your attendees can join your meeting room with one single click. 

May you be interested in reading more about virtual events with Eventee, don't hesitate to check our blog article here.