Supported streaming, video hosting, and online meeting tools

This is a list of supported tools you can integrate with Eventee and deliver your virtual content to your attendees in an engaging way. For this integration to work, you just need to copy&paste the link to your stream, video, or meeting room into an Eventee session in your administration. Here is how you do it step by step.

You can choose from:

  • native integrations, which allow attendees to play streams and videos within the Eventee interface and, therefore, provide a seamless experience
  • or create a button in Eventee, which directs attendees to your virtual room of any meeting tool of your choice

Currently supported native integrations


YouTube is probably the most popular video hosting platform that also enables live streaming. Besides that, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, which makes it a great companion for additional video marketing activities.

Example of a YouTube link:

Note: If you use YouTube to stream your sessions, the streams will play automatically right after your attendees enter the session. This can not be changed. If you don't want your streams to autoplay, consider using other video sharing services (e.g. Vimeo). 


Another popular live streaming and video hosting platform. Vimeo is more suitable for professionals because, unlike Youtube, Vimeo does not show ads, and the videos tend to appear much more professional thanks to their quality. 

Example of a Vimeo link:


Twitch is a streaming service that is known mainly for video game live streamings and eSports, but that doesn't mean you can't find or share other content there. 

Example of a Twitch link:

Facebook Live

Facebook live is free and open to anyone. If Facebook is the place where your audience gathers and engages, this tool can quickly become the go-to streaming tool for your events. Once live, Facebook will send all your followers a notification. 

Example of a Facebook link:


Eventee supports native integration of Zoom meetings as well. Zoom meetings worked particularly well for educational webinars in times of the pandemic, where teachers streamed the content to their students. 

Example of a Zoom link:

Learn more about Zoom integration here.


Live streamings or videos-on-demand with slides, documents, and other visuals side by side for presentations that pull your attendees in. Moreover, imagine having a professional event recording and video editing team that, in the case of hybrid events, covers both the on-site and the remote part. This is not a dream, this is SlidesLive.


Whereby and Eventee have one significant thing in common, they both focus on providing a tool that is truly easy to set up and use. This makes Whereby a wonderful streaming and online meeting tool to pair Eventee with. 

Example of a Whereby link:

Online meeting tools

Besides the tools mentioned above, you can also use the Eventee feature for online meeting tools. Unlike the native integrations, this feature creates a button in Eventee that directs attendees to the chosen tool's virtual meeting room. This allows you to use literally any online meeting tool on the market. Just to name some: Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Whereby, ...

Same as with the native integration, copy the link of your virtual room and insert it into a session in Eventee. Find the virtual meeting URL field in each session beneath the field for video or live stream URL.

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