How do time zones work in Eventee?

Eventee displays the app time based on the default time zone and the time zone of the app user. But also, depending on the event type you chose, the time zones work differently. So let's break down where to set up the time zones and how do they work. 

Where to set up the time zone

First thing first, you might wonder where you can set up the time zone of your event. The default time zone is determined by the location of your event. The location can be set up or changed in Settings  Event  Location.  


  • Please always make sure that you have a correct (and real) location set up before publishing your event.
  • Once your event day starts, the location can no longer be changed
  • If your event is virtual, you still need to set up the location. Find more on virtual events below.

Time zones according to event type

As mentioned above, the time zones work differently depending on the event type you choose. How exactly? Well, let's get into it!

In-person events

If you are organizing an in-person event, there is no need for further comments. The displayed time will be based on the location of the event. The time is the same for everyone.

Virtual events

When it comes to virtual events, you can have attendees from all around the world, which also means that they can be in different time zones. The app time adapts to the attendees' time zones and is counted from the default time zone, which means the time zone of the location you set up at the beginning. 

Example: You are in Vietnam (ICT), set the event location to Prague (CET), and an attendee joins from Canada (EST). The time this specific attendee will see is the converted time from CET to EST (from the default time zone to the attendee's time zone). Your current location doesn't matter in this case, you just need to make sure that you schedule the post in Newsfeed correctly so your attendees receive it in time. 

If the time zone of your current location doesn't match your default time zone, you will be notified once you enter the section Newsfeed in your administration.

Hybrid events

Attendees of hybrid events can choose between two modes - in-person or virtual. They can change their choice anytime in the settings.

Based on their choice, the app will adapt:

  • In-person mode - sessions will be shown in the default time zone
  • Virtual mode - the time changes based on the time zone of the user, the same way as it works with virtual events

Note: When scheduling Newsfeed posts for a hybrid event, they will always be sent at the default time zone. For example, if you set the location to the UK and schedule a post at 10 am, the post will be sent to everyone at 10 am UK time. 

Event countdown

There is a countdown on the event homepage and event web app. Each of them presents something different, so there is no need to panic when you see different numbers.

  • Event homepage - counts down the start of the event day
  • Web app - counts down the start of the very first session of the event
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