Send newsfeed posts with notification

Newsfeed is a tool that ensures that the most important information gets to your attendees. You can find it in the tab Engagement. It can help you boost engagement and communicate everything you need. There are no limits. You can post pictures, GIFs, links, formatted texts - scheduled or instantly. 

You have three options for using newsfeed:

  • Plan and schedule all the posts in advance;
  • Write and send the posts in real time during the event;
  • Combine these two approaches

For example, you know that there will be a coffee break at 8 AM and the first lecture starts at 9 AM. You schedule an announcement for 8:45 AM, which tells the attendees that they should come to the main stage in a few minutes. Afterwards, if you see that people are not coming yet, you can send them another reminder straight from your mobile phone.

You can use the newsfeed to tell your attendees everything you need and want. A few examples:

  • Announce the start and end of each break;
  • Remind attendees to give feedback to the speakers after sessions;
  • Recommend where to go for lunch;
  • Remind to ask questions;
  • Send funny GIFs;
  • Remind the attendees to check the information cards in the menu section.

You can choose to send the messages with push notifications which ensures that your attendees won't miss any important news.

Remember to log into the Eventee mobile app with the same account you use in the web administration in order to be able to use some admin/moderator functions inside the app as well. For example, you can send newsfeed posts through the mobile app conveniently during the conference.

How to send the GIFs from the mobile app?

There are several steps you need to do:

  • Log into the Eventee mobile app with the same account you use in administration in order to have special admin/moderator functions;
  • Download a GIF Keyboard by Tenor from App Store or Google Play and follow the instruction in the app on how to allow GIF Keyboard on your mobile phone;
  • Open your event in the mobile app Eventee and share the fun with your attendees! ❤️

When scheduling posts for virtual or hybrid events, make sure that you understand how timezones work in Eventee.

Don't forget that the more posts you send, the higher engagement you are going to get! 💪

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