How to use Networking

In Settings Features, you can turn on our Networking feature. What are the benefits of using this feature?

  1. Attendees can create valuable business connections.
  2. Attendees can network before and even after the conference, they can chat, or set an appointment.
  3. Each attendee can decide whether they want to meet the other person.

How does it work?

Our networking works similarly to Tinder. Each attendee who wants to network has to fill in a short personal profile with general information (name, company, position, and bio). 

Afterward, they can meet the others by simply swiping right (to meet) or left (to pass).

Once they match, they can start chatting or set up a meeting right in the app. The communication is 1:1 and only matched attendees can see their private messages.

List of rejected users

Attendees can always re-visit their rejected users list in case they change their minds. This list is hidden under the icon with an arrow and a person in the upper right corner of the Networking screen.

Meetings and meeting rooms

If you're organizing a hybrid or in-person event and have a dedicated place for networking, you can let your attendees book meetings at the place. 

To set up a meeting room, go to Settings -> Feature, turn on Networking and click on 'Manage'. You should see a window where you can fill in the information about the meeting place: name of the room, number of tables, size of each time slot, and availability of the room.

Attendees will then be able to book rooms and time slots for their meetings via chat once they match with other attendees.

The arranged meetings will be automatically displayed in My agenda. Before the meeting starts, attendees will receive a notification, so they won't miss it.

Network all over Eventee

The Networking tool works across all Eventee platforms, which means your attendees can meet each other no matter if they joined through the web app or the mobile app. 

The same as the mobile app, the web app allows attendees to filter out irrelevant contacts and save their time for contacts that truly matter. 

The Networking button is fixed to the bottom right corner of the web app, so it is visible to your attendees all the time, no matter on what page or in what session they are at the moment. 

The user profiles on the web app are displayed in the same way as it is in the mobile app:

As an admin, you can observe Networking usage in real-time together with other interesting statistics in the tab Dashboard and sections Analytics, Session insightsNetworking.

You can also motivate the attendees to network via Newsfeed posts

Networking couldn't be any easier! 🤝

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