How to use Networking

In Settings Features, you can turn on a Networking feature. What are the benefits of using this feature?

  • Attendees can create valuable business connections;
  • Attendees can network during a day, they can chat, they can set an appointment;
  • Each attendee can decide who he/she wants to meet and who not - this ensures that your attendees will not be contacted by people they don't want to meet.

If you have a dedicated place for networking, you can let your attendees book tables for their meetings. Click on the button Manage (it will show up right after you activate the networking feature in tab Settings Features) to open the window where you can fill in the information about the meeting place: name of the room, number of tables, size of each time slots and availability of the room.

How does it work? 

Our networking works similarly to Tinder. Each attendee who wants to network has to fill in a short personal profile. Afterward, they can meet the others, by simply swiping right (meet) or left (pass). Once they match, they can start chatting, audio/video call each other or set up a meeting right at your event. 

If the attendee swipes left (reject) user, it doesn't mean he/she can't see his profile again and change his/her mind. By clicking on an icon in right corner, the attendee sees all the rejected users and can decide once more. 

The arranged meetings will be automatically displayed in My agenda. The sessions in My agenda are sorted in chronological order. Before a session starts, attendees will receive a notification, so they won't miss any session they want to attend.

As an admin you can observe Networking usage in real-time and also other interesting statistics in the tab Dashboard (sections Analytics, Session insightsNetworking). You can motivate the attendees to network and remind them during the day that they don't need to wait for the evening party. Networking couldn't be any easier! 🤝