How to use Networking to connect with other attendees (web app)

Our Networking works similar to Tinder - it’s match-making based, which means only those who matched can network and meet. 

Step 1: Finish your profile and join Networking.

Click on the Networking button in the lower right corner to open the Networking window. Before you can actually meet new people, you need to complete your profile.

Once you are satisfied with your profile, you can click on the 'Update profile' button and join networking!

Step 2: Here comes the fun part!

Now is the time to decide who you want to add to your network. You should see the profiles of all attendees who joined networking here. 

Check button: If you find the person interesting and you’d like to meet them, swipe right or click on the check button.

Cross button: If you don’t want to meet the person, swipe left or click on the cross button to reject them. You can always re-visit rejected users and change your decision, so don’t sweat it!

Step 3: Wait for your matches. 

Did you get to the end of the list? Now it's time to wait for other attendees to match with you! In the meantime, you can enjoy the event content and other features of the Eventee app. Once an attendee matches with you, they will appear in the Networking tab.

Step 4: Find more networking opportunities. 

If, in the meantime, somebody new joined Networking, you will find them under the button that shows a person with a plus sign.

Where to find users you rejected?

You can find all users you rejected earlier in the tab Networking under the card button in the upper right corner of the screen.

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