Customize the event information items

In the tab Content → Custom menu, you can create an unlimited number of menu items, which will appear on the mobile and browser app in the More menu section or on the event website as a part of an Event information section.

These items may contain any information you want. You can add a link, an image, text, or PDF files. Here are some examples:

  • Share information about sponsors and links to their websites (or promote them right through Partners feature);
  • Hotels/Restaurants recommendation;
  • Questionnaire links (final feedback, surveys, etc.);
  • Pictures of the outdoor map of your venue;
  • Pictures of indoor map or placement of exhibitors;
  • PDF documents for attendees;
  • Links to download all presentations from speakers.

Section More on the mobile app

This is where your attendees will be able to find the Custom menu items afterward.

Event information section on the event website

Custom menu items will be also displayed on the event website unless you turn off the entire section. This site is public, so be careful what you add there.

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