How to showcase your sponsors and exhibitors

Eventee offers a feature you can use to promote your partners right through the app. Find it in the tab  Content → Partners. This feature lets you showcase your sponsors or exhibitors at your event by creating their profile cards. These cards are visible on both mobile and web app. Provide your attendees with information about your partners to help them better connect. The connection is also an aspect that can make your event more attractive to sponsors. Your partner profiles are customizable and may contain different content, including links, images and files. During the event you can also send promotional posts through the feature Newsfeed.

Click on the button Create your first partner and start creating the first profile. After you have created your first partner, you can continue adding more with the button Add a new partner in the right upper corner. 

Creating a partner profile is as easy as creating websites in a website builder, you just need to insert the desired sections and upload or fill in the information. On the left side, there are sections with general information, like name of the company, type of partnership (sponsor or exhibitor), description, website and contacts. 

The description will be placed in the section  About, the website and contacts will be displayed as clickable elements.

You can customize the profile with additional sections, which you can find on the right side. Choose from title, text block, button, images, files and socials.

Hover over the sections and click to insert them. You can also add additional sections between created sections, just hover between two sections to reveal the + button, which adds a section in-between. Each section can be dragged and dropped into the desired place.


A title is distinct from the other texts by its formatting. You can for example use the title to identify the sections and make them more clear. 

Text block

Use a text block to write any information you want to share. The text is not limited by the number of characters. It can be formatted.


Add a CTA (Call-to-action) button that takes your attendees to another webpage, based on the URL link you insert. Simply write what the button should say and connect it with your URL link.


This section adds an image gallery to the profile. You can upload images and GIFs to this section.


Upload presentations, documents or any files with max size of 25 MB.


Each of the columns represents a different social network. Empty columns will not be visible, so you just need to insert the links to the social accounts you want to share with the attendees.

After you have your content ready, click on the button Create. Don't forget to Save whenever you make any changes, otherwise it won't be visible in the app!

This is how the profile may look like in the web app:

The mobile app shows partners in the section More. This is how it looks like on the mobile app:

Website options

You have two options how you can showcase your partners on the event website, you can find it both in your website settings


An icon applies to the section Partners and it is the image your attendees see first when they approach this section. The section Partners displays the partner profiles with all the details, which will show up after attendees click on them. 


If you tick off the label Sponsor, you will be asked to upload your sponsor's logo. The section Sponsors shows only sponsors logos that takes attendees to your sponsors' websites when clicking on them.

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