Create and manage your company

It is very hard not to go crazy when you are planning several events with different team members at the same time (e.g. when you are an event agency, or you just love to organize lots of events). To provide a clear structure and keep you organized the whole time, Eventee implemented a feature that allows you to create companies with assigned events. The number of members in a company differs from your subscription plan. 

Creating (or managing) your company is as easy as creating a new event. You can do it on the account overview page, where you will find all companies and events you created with your account. 

You can manage each company by clicking on the button Settings right next to your company's name. In the first tab, you can upload your company icon or change the name. Besides that, there are also tabs for the subscription overview and for inviting your team.

Each company has different terms and conditions, based on the subscription plan you choose. The default plan is the free trial, which you can upgrade to plans with better value. In the tab Plan & Subscription, you have a clear overview of your current plan and its limitations. The tab also includes the subscription date.

The Members limit is the total number of administrative users you can have on your team. The administrative users are: owner, admins of the company team, admins of individual events, and, with limited access, also moderators. Learn more about user roles in Eventee.

To invite a new team member, go to the tab Company members and simply insert his or her email and hit the button Invite company member. Each member will then be displayed below. 

If you want to change the owner, simply click on Change owner in your Company settings and assign the ownership to someone else. Note that with this action, you will lose your ownership privileges!

How do you get back to the list of events when you are in an event? You are just 2 clicks away - click on the icon in the left corner of your admin bar and choose See all events

The second option is to open the page through your profile - click on your profile in the right corner and choose  Change event

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