User roles in Eventee

Eventee allows you to invite and manage users on different access levels. The number of users you can have in your company or at the event depends on your subscription plan. Each plan applies to one company, so each company can have different company member limitations.

In general, there are two types of user roles. You can learn more about them in this article:

Admin roles

Admin roles are the roles with administrative access. These users are counted as your company members. 

Users with administrative access can create content and manage engagement features via web administration or mobile app. Note that these users have to be invited and logged in with the same account to have administrative access.


= A user who created the account

  • Has full access to all account companies, their subscriptions, and management of all events
  • Ownership of a company can be re-assigned to a Company admin (the current owner will, however, lose the owner privileges with this step)

Company admin

= A user who was invited by the Owner or other Company admin to become an admin of a company within the owners account

  • Has full access to subscription and management of all events of the company he or she was assigned to

Event admin

= A user who was invited by the Owner, Company admin, or other Event admin to become an admin of an individual company event

  • Has full access only to the management of the event he or she was assigned to
  • Hierarchically, Company admins (manage all events in a company) are above Event admins (manage individual events only)


= A user who was invited by the Owner, Company admin, or Event admin to be a moderator of an individual company event

  • Has access only to the engagement features of the event he or she was assigned to
  • It means that moderators can:
    • Send or schedule posts in Newsfeed
    • Manage Social Networks Integration - add accounts and hashtags
    • Manage Questions&Polls


Attendees are users who don't have access to your event administration, they can only consume your event content and interact on the web app, the mobile app, and the event homepage.

Observe the different stages of the attendee journey in your administration, section Users, tab Attendees. Determine the stage based on the tags:

  • Imported - A user who was imported manually by you or from ticketing platforms. As soon as your event goes public and the invitation will be sent, the label will change to "Pending".
  • Pending - A user who has been invited to use the Eventee app, but has not accepted the invitation yet. Admins and Moderators can have this label too if their invitation is pending.
  • Attendee - A user who accepted your event invitation or a Visitor who met one of the conditions to become an Attendee (learn more about the conditions below).
  • Visitor - A user who visited your public event (i.e. without PIN or Allowlist) before it starts. Once the event starts, their label can change to "Attendees" if they meet one of the conditions below.

When do Visitors turn into Attendees?

There are the 3 cases in which your Visitors can turn into Attendees:

  1. They visit your event before it starts and AGAIN on the day of.
  2. They visit your event at least TWICE after the event has started.
  3. They ENGAGE in any way via the app during the event.

Note: Users who join the event without the invitation are not Attendees unless they meet one of the conditions above. If your event is private (locked with PIN or Allowlist), every user who joins the event automatically becomes an Attendee. 

Color labels

The users have different color labels based on their roles:

  • Red = Owners and Admins
  • Purple = Moderators
  • Green = Attendees
  • Grey = Visitors

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