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Use the Dashboard to keep yourself organized throughout the process of creating your event with Eventee and for real-time event evaluation during your event. 

On the Overview page, you can see the status of your event and utilization. You can see which information you have already filled in, and which not. By clicking on each of the items in the list, you will be directed to the target page. 

Part of the section Dashboard is the powerful analytics tool, which collects your event data in real time and helps you evaluate your event from different aspects.

Based on your subscription, you can have Basic, Advanced, or Professional Analytics.

Basic Analytics


In the tab  Dashboard → Analytics, you see the basic statistics of your event. You can observe:

  • App Users - Number of attendees using the Eventee app
  • Posts - Number of Newsfeed posts sent by you or by other admins/moderators
  • Impression - % of attendees who saw your posts
  • Operating System - Users using Android/iOS systems
  • Networking Users - Number of users turning on networking feature
  • Networking Connection - Number of matches among the users
  • Average Rating - The diameter from all ratings
  • Percentage of Rating Users - Users that rated at least one lecture
  • Ratings per User - Number of ratings per user
  • Ratings over time - A chart showing number of ratings over time
  • New users over time - A chart showing number of new users over time

You can, for example, evaluate, when your attendees use the app the most, when they are giving feedback, which operating system they use, etc.

Session insights

In the tab  Dashboard → Session insights, you see the basic statistics of each of your sessions. 

  • Time - Session date and starting time
  • Session name
  • Attendance - Percentage of people out of all event attendees who joined the session
  • Engagement - Percentage of people out of all event attendees who engaged in any way within the session 
  • Average rating - Average session rating and number of session ratings

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics is Basic Analytics with additional features that allow you to dive deeper into your event data. Eventee plans with Advanced Analytics also allow Google Analytics integration. Here is how you set the Google Analytics integration to start tracking your event landing page and web app.

Session details

Go to the tab  Dashboard → Session insights. There you will see the basic overview of your sessions. Find the session you would like to analyze and click to open the session details. The numbers refer to the chosen session and are calculated from the total number of attendees joining the event.

  • Ratings - Average session rating and the number of ratings and comments
  • Engagement - Percentage of attendees who interacted 
  • Live questions - Percentage of attendees who asked at least one question 
  • Virtual meeting - Percentage of attendees who joined your virtual meeting
  • Question upvotes - Percentage of attendees who upvoted at least one question
  • Live polls - Percentage of attendees who voted in Live polls at least once
  • File downloads - Percentage of attendees who downloaded at least one of your files
  • Favorites - Percentage of attendees who added the session to their personal agenda

If your event is virtual or hybrid, another section, called  Viewers retention, will appear right beneath. Here you can see how many people watched your session stream or video and the average time they spent on it. You can also observe viewers over time (during the session, in a day, or in a week).

Partner Insights

Right next to Session insights, find  Partner insights. Once you create your partners, their company logo and name will appear in this section. Here you can see how many attendees viewed each of the partners' profiles. 

Networking analytics

In the tab  Dashboard → Networking, you can see how many attendees have turned on the networking feature, the number of connections they made, and the number of messages they have sent to one another. You can also observe the usage of the networking feature over time. 🧐

Professional Analytics

Professional Analytics is Advanced Analytics with an additional feature that allows you to analyze each session attendee individually. 

  • Attendee - Name and email
  • Rating - Rating and comments
  • Watched - Time spent watching your stream or video
  • Engagement - Engagement actions the attendee took

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