Evaluate your event

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Use the Dashboard to keep yourself organized throughout the process of creating your event with Eventee and for real-time event evaluation during your event. 

On the Overview page, you can see the status of your event and utilization. You can see which information you have already filled in, and which not. By clicking on each of the items in the list, you will be directed to the target page. 

Part of the section Dashboard is the powerful analytics tool, which collects your event data in real time and helps you evaluate your event from different aspects.


In the tab DashboardAnalytics, you see the basic statistics of your event. You can observe:

  • App Users - Number of attendees using the Eventee app
  • Posts - Number of Newsfeed posts sent by you or by other admins/moderators
  • Impression - % of attendees who saw your posts
  • Operating System - Users using Android/iOS systems
  • Networking Users - Number of users turning on networking feature
  • Networking Connection - Number of matches among the users
  • Average Rating - The diameter from all ratings
  • Percentage of Rating Users - Users that rated at least one lecture
  • Ratings per User - Number of ratings per user
  • Ratings over time - A chart showing number of ratings over time
  • New users over time - A chart showing number of new users over time

You can, for example, evaluate, when your attendees use the app the most, when they are giving feedback, which operating system they use, etc.

Session insights

Go to the tab DashboardSession insights. There you can see all the information about your sessions - how many people put exact lectures into their customized agenda - "My agenda", reviews which your attendees gave to your speakers, number of comments, etc. You can download them in the format according to your wish. You can easily sort the information and make summaries of attendees' feedback to each individual lecture. 💪

Networking analytics

In the tab DashboardNetworking, you can see how many attendees have turned on the networking feature, the number of connections they made, and the number of messages they have sent to one another. You can also observe the usage of networking over time. 🧐