What to do before, during and after your event

Invite attendees to join the event before it starts

How to do that? Here are a few quick tips:

  • Invite the attendees straight from your admin panel (go to Users and press +Invite), Eventee will then automatically invite them through email;
  • Copy the Magic Link from your Dashboard and publish it on your website or social media pages, so your attendees can join your event;
  • Send the Magic Link to your attendees via email (you can integrate Mailchimp with Eventee and send beautiful targeted emails through Mailchimp);
  • Share the QR code from your Dashboard and allow attendees to quickly join your event on their mobile phones (if they don't have the app downloaded, it will redirect them to App Store or Google Play; if they already have Eventee on their mobile phones, your event will open straight away);
  • Share the App Store or Google Play download link with your attendees. After downloading the app, your event can be very easily found in the app. We recommend you to use one of the previous options, as they will take your attendees straight to your event without the need to search for the event.
    download on app store download on google play

Have you integrated Eventee with a ticketing system? In that case, you are already halfway there! Eventee will send the email invitation to all your imported attendees automatically, so you don’t need to take care of it.

Navigate and engage attendees during the event

Remember to log in with your admin or moderator account to manage the engagement features. 

Take advantage of the real-time updates to make changes in the agenda throughout your event if needed, and keep your attendees informed about these last-minute changes or other important information through Newsfeed with push notifications. You can also schedule newsfeed posts in advance to remind attendees about upcoming sessions, promote your partners, etc.

Inform and encourage your attendees to engage through the engagement features of Eventee. Motivate them to share social posts with your hashtag, explain how they can use the app during the event (to create their own agenda with notifications, to easily network with each other, to get in touch with your partners, or to find additional information through your customized menu), etc.

Learn more about how to manage the event and keep your attendees engaged.

Post-event evaluation 

After your event has ended, you can still access all your event data in the following 12 months (this does not apply to the Solo Eventee plan, which has only 3 months of data access). During this time you can use the collected data to evaluate your event. Learn more about event evaluation.

Read our article for inspiration: Tips on how to measure your event success

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