What to do during your event

We know that event organizing is challenging, especially the day of realization. However, Eventee can significantly help you to achieve a smooth running. Here are some tips for you which you should not forget in order to maximize the impact of Eventee on your conference:

  • Log in to Eventee mobile app with the same account as you have in web administration in order to have functions of an admin or moderator - you can send Newsfeed posts, manage live questions and live polls through mobile phone;
  • Make real-time changes in agenda - if it is necessary, postpone the timing of schedule, every change gets updated in the app right away;
  • Spread the QR code through the venue together with the hashtags relevant for your event;
  • Remind the attendees to download and use the app, remind them more than just once;
  • Explain to attendees which functions they can use and how - encourage them to ask questions, vote in polls, network or share photos and tweets; 
  • Remind the attendees that they can find important information cards (items), which you have created in Custom menu (section More on the mobile app, section Menu on your event website);
  • Use Newsfeed - schedule the important messages in advance and additionally use it during the event to announce last-minute changes;
  • Remind the attendees to give feedback to the speakers after each lecture. You can motivate them by making competition as well;
  • Make a competition in order to support your attendees to share pictures and tweets from your event.

For more tips on how to boost the usage of the Eventee app at your event, click here.