Integrate Zoom with Eventee

Eventee supports all major video hosting and streaming tools. See the complete list of currently supported tools.

In this article, you will learn how to integrate Zoom with Eventee. 

Previously, our Zoom integration worked as a button that took attendees to the Zoom app where they could join the meeting. However, with the latest Eventee update, attendees can join the Zoom meeting right inside Eventee, just like when you use other supported streaming tools. This way they can engage while watching the sessions without interruption. 

4 simple steps to add Zoom meetings to your event in Eventee:

  1. Copy the invite link of your Zoom meeting to have it on hand.
  2. Create a new session in Eventee or open the session you want to insert the Zoom meeting into.
  3. In the session detail, paste the Zoom link into the bar for video or streaming URL.
  4. After the validation, hit the button Save.

Other things to note:

  • Currently, the Zoom integration works only on the Eventee web app. The mobile app will show the button that takes attendees to Zoom.
  • If you choose the session type Workshop, only attendees who booked the workshop will have access to your meeting.
  • Inserting the link into the bar for virtual meeting tools (beneath the bar for video and streaming URL), will add a button that takes attendees to your meeting room in Zoom.
  • Unfortunately, there is no possibility of fitting the Zoom joining screen into our player frame at this moment, so attendees need to scroll a little bit down within the frame to see the "Join" button. However, once they click on it, the screen will adjust and work perfectly. Please, make sure that your attendees know about this issue.

Do you want to learn more about how virtual events work? Read the article on how to Create virtual experience with Eventee.

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