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Through the section Content in your admin you can create and manage your event content. This section has following subsections: Schedule, SpeakersWorkshops, Custom menu, and Partners


Create Sessions

Schedule is the place where you can create sessions. For each individual session, you can decide whether you want to create a lecture, workshop, or break. To each of them, you can also add a description (Eventee supports emojis and formatted text for more engaging copy) to motivate your attendees to go there, upload additional files for the attendees and create or choose the speakers. To create a new speaker, simply start typing their names into the column (you can edit their profile later in tab Speakers).

You are able to create sessions that are running simultaneously, however, the overlapping sessions can't be in the same stage. Each created stage will allow you to have another session in the same time period. 

The default length of each day in the agenda is 10am - 9 pm, but you can change it by clicking on any time block to open the detail of your session and then set your desired time manually. The agenda will adapt the length of the day automatically by the first and the last session in your schedule, so you don't have to worry if your sessions don't fit into the default day length range.

No more useless printing of agenda

  • Possibility to make real-time changes in agenda
  • Possibility to add all the info to each individual lecture and set the right expectations

Move sessions

You are able to move the sessions to different stages, but also to a different day in your agenda. Click on the calendar icon right next to the session time and choose a different day. 

Don't forget to save your changes! 

Edit event days

The new agenda allows you to create events with non-consecutive days. You can simply  add, move, or delete event days in your calendar. To open the calendar, click on the date in the left upper corner above your schedule. Read this article to learn how to edit event days step-by-step or watch this video to see it in action.

Note:  Empty days will be hidden, which means, attendees can only see days with a schedule. 

Add a new stage

To add a new stage to your agenda, click on Stage in the right upper corner and then Add stage. You can also change the order of your created stages through this button. After clicking on Change order, you can simply drag and drop the stages to rearrange them.

Note: There is no limitation on the number of stages, however, you might not be able to see all stages at a time. The number of visible stages depends on your screen resolution. If your event has more stages than the resolution allows, a small frame will appear in the bottom left corner. Drag the green frame left or right to move the stage screen.

Schedule Scale

The schedule scale adjusts the size of the agenda according to your needs. Find the schedule scale in the tab  Settings → General.  You can choose from three sizes. If you have multiple short lectures, the Large size would suit you better. On the other hand, if you have multiple longer lectures (2 hours and more), the Small size would suit you better. The schedule scale applies to both mobile and web app. 

Open the event preview to check if everything is in the right place and deliver the best user experience to your attendees!

This is an example of what the agenda may look like in the mobile app:

You can also add colorful tracks to your sessions and navigate attendees through the whole agenda.


In the tab Content → Speakers, you can create information cards for each of your speakers. Speakers you have created in the detail of each session will automatically appear in this section. You can also add them directly in this tab by clicking on + add speaker.

Fill in information such as name, company, BIO, etc. And what is more important - you can add all the contacts that the speaker wants to share with the attendees. This is the easiest way to ensure that your attendees can connect with your speakers and approach them later with any questions. With just one click in the app, attendees can write them an email or add them to their LinkedIn network.

  • You can easily connect attendees with speakers.
  • An interesting speaker's BIO can motivate attendees to attend sessions

Eventee supports formatted text and emojis in speakers' BIOs. Simply select the text you want to format and choose an option to:

  • change the font size
  • make text bold or italic
  • create a bullet or ordered list
  • add a link

Now you will be able to sort your speakers with a simple drag and drop. Once you're happy with the order, hit the button Done to save your changes.

This is what it looks like in the mobile app from the attendees' point of view:

And here on the event homepage:

The easiest way to get the information about your speakers is to ask them for the information they want to share with the attendees and rewrite them into Eventee. Here is the list of all information that the speaker can share with the attendees in Eventee: First and Last name, Company, Job, BIO, Email, Phone number, Web, Social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Country, Language.


While creating a session in your Schedule, you can choose whether to create a lecture, workshop, or break. Set the exact capacity and let your attendees book the workshop straight from the mobile or web app. You can also allow bookings for individual speakers if you have more speakers at one workshop and the attendees have to choose only one of them. You just need to tick off the little square in the advanced settings of your workshop.

After they have successfully booked a workshop, it will be automatically displayed in their personal agenda - the tab My Agenda in the mobile app. 📱

The occupancy is visible in the detail of each workshop:

The attendees themselves can cancel their bookings through Eventee by clicking on the cancel button.

Please note, that every booking made before publishing your event will be deleted automatically after the event is published.

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