Invite attendees and pre-fill their profiles

Would you like to invite your attendees and pre-fill their profile information? Then this is the right feature for you! 

In this article, we will mainly talk about these three things:

If you'd like to simply know how to invite anybody (including attendees), you might find this article more helpful.

How to import attendee profiles through API

Importing profiles via API is a bit challenging and we wouldn't recommend it to someone who has no experience with it. But at the same time, API allows you to get the biggest control over your imported data.

If this is your first time with API and you'd still want to give it a try, you can follow our tutorial.

Step-by-step guide

1. Copy the Eventee API key from your administration. You can find it at Settings -> General. Also, open the Eventee documentation, we will need it later.

2. Download and open Postman (this is an API platform of our choice, you can use any API platform you'd like). After that click on 'New' and then 'HTPP Request'.

3. Now you should be on a page that looks like this:

4. Click on 'GET' and change it to 'PUT'. Also, paste this link: ' ' to the URL field.

5. Open 'Headers' and copy and paste the two following keys there: 

First key: 'Accept' with value 'application/json'

Second key: 'Content-Type' with value: 'application/json'.

7. Go ahead and open 'Body'. Change the type by checking  'raw' and choosing 'JSON' as shown in the picture below. Now, copy and paste the attendee information example from the Eventee documentation. It should look like this. 

How to import attendee profiles through integrations

Ticketing integrations

If you're using integration with Eventbrite, GoOut, TiTo, or Mitingu, you don't need to worry about importing attendees to Eventee. You will see the attendees who came from a ticketing platform in your Eventee administration as Imported. The information that attendees provided when they bought the ticket gets automatically synchronized. 

For example, when buying a ticket on Eventbrite, attendees have to fill out their first and last name:


You can also use Zapier integration to manage your attendees' information. Let's see how to set it up! We won't go much into detail here, but if that is what you are looking for, check out our step-by-step Zapier tutorial.

Our example: We have an Excel file with all the attendees' information and we would like to import it into Eventee.

In our trigger section, we connected Zapier to the Google Sheet with the attendees' information. As a trigger action, we chose 'New or Updated Spreadsheet Row'. So if we want to import the data, we will just update that row.

For the Action section, we chose 'Invite Attendee' in Eventee. After that, we used a token to link Zapier to the event. And lastly, in the section 'Set up action', we linked fields such as First name, Last name, Bio to the ones in our Google Sheet.

What happens when an attendee already has a profile?

That's easy! The attendee interface has an added functionality that solves this case.

Attendees who already have their Eventee profiles will see a notification and when they click on it, this dialog will appear:

They can choose either to keep their original profile or to look at the imported information and choose what they'd like to keep.

Note: This functionality cannot be turned off.

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