How to use your event website

Websites are a great source of event information, which work as a web app for attendees as well. Eventee automatically generates website based on your created event content. You just need to decide what information you want to display on your website and in which order. You can manage your website content simply through Settings → Website. Don't worry, no coding skills are needed 😉

In case you want to hold your event private, you can deactivate your website. However it is a premium feature.

Each website has following sections. The order can be changed as you please: 

  • About the event - event description and video (e.g. event teaser)
  • Sponsors - place for displaying sponsor logos
  • Schedule - the whole event agenda (open session detail with a single click on a session)
  • Partners - clickable list of partners or exhibitors with additional information, links and files
  • Speakers - list of all the speakers at your event (bio and contacts will show up after clicking on a speaker)
  • Custom menu - add menu items with different content (share links, online surveys, PDF, images or plain text)
  • Map - a map with a red locator, which indicates where your event is taking place

In the footer of the website, there are app download buttons that take attendees right to Appstore or Google Play. 

With an Enterprise plan you can hide the footer simply by switching it on in tab Settings → Website Hide footer.

Web app for your attendees

The website doesn't just work as a landing page for your event, it can also be used as a web app for attendees, which means your attendees can access your event on their mobile devices, but also on their desktops. The web version of Eventee brings convenience especially to virtual events, as the attendees of virtual events are more likely to use their computers before phones. When they click on a session in the schedule, the session detail will open up and they will see the live stream with Newsfeed and Live Q&A side by side, so they can very easily interact while watching live streams.

Under the session description, there is a place where your attendees can give ratings, share feedback or comments, just as it is in the mobile app. 

Are you planning to hold a virtual event with Eventee? You will find all the information about the virtual event support in the article here

To customize the looks of your event website go to tab Setting→ Custom branding.