Integrate ticketing platforms with Eventee

If you are selling your tickets through a ticketing platform, this would be a feature for you! In Settings Integrations, you can turn on integration with a ticketing platform. So far, Eventee supports following ticketing services: Eventbrite, GoOut, TiTo, Mitingu.

If you do so, we will synchronize your data (event information) and upload the database of the ticket buyers into Eventee as your attendees. After publishing your event, the attendees will be invited via email and when they accept the invitation, they will find their tickets in the Eventee app.

If the feature Allowlist is active, an additional button "Get a ticket" will appear on your event home page and on the login page. This button will take visitors without a ticket to your chosen ticketing platform where they can buy it. Note that not every ticketing platform supports this option. Currently supported:

  • Eventbrite
  • TiTo
  • Mitingu

It's time for an example!

How does the integration work with Eventbrite?

You can set the integration within a few steps:

1. Firstly, go to the tab Settings and click on Integrations. Here you can see all the ticketing platforms you can integrate Eventee with.

2. Turn on Eventbrite integration by toggling the button and click on Authorize. By clicking on Allow at the Eventbrite site, you will allow Eventee the access your Eventbrite data. If you are not already logged in to your Eventbrite profile, you will be asked to log in first.

3. Right now, you have the Eventee account and Eventbrite account integrated. Now you have to choose the event which you would like to integrate with Eventee. The list of the events is identical to the events you have created (or are administrating) in Eventbrite.

4. Lastly, you have to choose which information you would like to synchronize. As for the event information and logo, you can decide if you want to synchronize continuously (if you update anything in Eventbrite, we will update it automatically in Eventee) or just once. Attendees are synchronized continuously.

4. And that's it! You can see the attendees in Eventee as soon as they buy tickets at Eventbrite. They have the label “Imported”.

When you are ready to publish your event, we will send them an invitation mail to download and use Eventee to the email address which they provided to Eventbrite. When they log in to Eventee, they will have their ticket with a unique QR code ready for a check-in right in the app!

What is a Token?

Some of the integrations require a token to connect. A token is a unique key that needs to be inserted into Eventee or into the service you want to integrate (into your account). If the token is needed, you will see the information right after you turn the integration on. It will either ask you to insert the token, or it will show you the token.


The TiTo integration requires inserting the token from TiTo into Eventee. 

Some integrations require login information instead of the token. For Mitingu you will need to log in with your Mitingu account. 

The GoOut integration requires special login information, which you can get by contacting the support of GoOut.

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