Integrate ticketing platforms with Eventee

If you are selling your tickets through a ticketing platform, this is the perfect article for you! All integrations can be found and activated in tab  Settings → Integrations.

So far, Eventee supports the following ticketing services:  EventbriteGoOutTiToMitingu.

In this tutorial, we will talk about:

Why you should integrate your ticketing platforms with Eventee

Once you turn on the ticketing integration, two things will happen:

  1. your event data will be synchronized, including name, logo, start date, etc.
  2. the database of the ticket buyers will be uploaded into Eventee as your attendees

After publishing your event, all attendees will be automatically invited via email. Later on, they will find their tickets in the Eventee app, ready to check in.

'Get a ticket' button

If you have the Allowlist feature activated, an additional button, "Get a ticket" will appear on your event home page and on the login page. This button will take visitors without a ticket to your integrated ticketing platform.

Note: Not every ticketing platform supports this option. Currently supported by EventbriteTiToMitingu.

How to integrate ticketing platforms with Eventee

Eventee supports integration with Eventbrite, TiTo, Mitingu, and GoOut. Setting up the integration is very easy. Here is how it works with different platforms. 


You can set up Eventbrite integration by following these steps:

1. Go to Settings -> Integrations, toggle the button on the right and click on Authorize.

2. If this is your first time using Eventbrite, you need to allow Eventee access to your Eventbrite account. Please click on Allow. You might need to log in first.

The window should close and you will see the ' Select event' button next to the toggle switch.

3. It is time to choose the event you'd like to integrate with Eventee. The list of events is identical to the list you have on Eventbrite.

5. Eventee is now connected to Eventbrite and you can choose which information you'd like to synchronize - event information or attendee list. For the event information, you can choose to either synchronize it only once or every time you make changes. The attendee list is continuously synchronized. This happens automatically.

And that's it! You can see the attendees in Eventee as soon as they buy tickets at Eventbrite. They will be marked as “Imported”.

Which attendee information gets synchronized with Eventee?

When it comes to Eventbrite, the default synchronization includes the attendee's first and last name, as well as their email address. So rest assured that your attendees will always have this information available in Eventee.

Through Eventbrite's settings (Order options -> Order form), you have the power to gather additional information about your attendees, such as their gender, blog link, company, cell phone, and more.

Unfortunately, we are only able to synchronize a limited number of fields. This includes cell phone, website, company, and job title.

Any additional information beyond these fields (both the pre-generated ones you see in the picture below and any custom ones you've created) cannot be imported into Eventee at the moment.

Publishing the event

When you are ready to publish your event, we will send your attendees invitations to email address they provided to Eventbrite. You can see the addresses in Eventee as well. 

After attendees log in to Eventee, they will have their tickets with a unique QR code ready for check-in right inside the app!


To connect TiTo with Eventee, you need to insert a token - a unique key that you should be able to find in your TiTo administration.

An example of a token (it consists of random numbers and letters): ' secret_h4C_koVMXt9AS'.

After pasting your token and clicking Save, select one of your TiTo events to connect it with Eventee. Once the event is selected, you'll see this setting:

This screen allows you to synchronize your event information as well as the list of attendees.

The Synchronize buttons activate continuous automatic synchronization. This means that whenever there's a change (e.g. a new attendee or event update), Eventee will automatically add that information to the system.

You can turn off the automatic synchronization at any time.


To connect Mitingu with Eventee, you need to provide your credentials (email and password) to your Mitingu account.


The GoOut integration requires special login information, which you can get by contacting the support of GoOut.

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