Event types and their differences

Eventee supports three types of events: hybrid, in-person and virtual

When creating a new event, you will be asked to choose one of the event types. But don't worry, you can change it anytime in Settings -> Features tab.

Virtual event

The virtual event setting enables virtual event features across all Eventee platforms. That means you can add streams, pre-recorded videos, and meet links to your sessions created in administration. Attendees will then see them on the web app and mobile app.

You don't need to provide an exact physical address with this type, but you still need to provide a location (country or city), so we can set up the correct timezone.

If you want to know more about virtual events, don't hesitate to read through the article Create a virtual experience with Eventee.

Hybrid event

The hybrid event setting enables virtual event features (streams, meet links, etc.) with the option to hide them in the mobile app. The web app will always show virtual event features.

Basically, attendees can use the mobile app in two different modes based on whether they are attending:

  • in person - virtual event features will be hidden
  • or virtually - virtual event features will be visible

They are also able to change the mode in the app settings at any time. 

The program is automatically converted to the correct timezone on the web app. In the mobile app, it depends on whether the attendee is using the in-person or virtual mode. While the in-person attendees see the default timezone, the attendees who joined remotely will see the converted timezone.

In-person event

The in-person event setting hides virtual event features across all Eventee platforms. Organizers won't be able to use them in their administration and attendees won't see the streams, pre-recorded videos, or meet links in the app.

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