Features Overview

Eventee offers a whole lot of features that will help you take your event to the next level. You can find and activate these in Settings -> Features tab.


This feature keeps your attendees updated throughout the event. You can either schedule your posts or send them in real time. Thanks to the notifications your attendees won't miss any of your announcements and reminders.

You can learn more about this feature in the article Send newsfeed posts with notification.


The Eventee match-making networking is easy and fun! Turn this feature on and let attendees connect with each other.

Learn how the Networking tool works.


You can very easily navigate your attendees through your agenda with colorful tracks. Attendees can filter and follow sessions they are interested in.

For more information about Tracks.

Private event features

These features make your event private, so it is only accessible to your attendees. Learn how to make your event private.

PIN code

Locks your event with a PIN code. Only those with the correct PIN code can enter your event.


Gives access to your event only to imported attendees - manually added or imported from ticketing platforms Eventbrite, GoOut, TiTo, and Mitingu.

Restrict anonymous users

If you turn this feature on, anonymous attendees will not be able to join your event. Instead, they will be instructed to create an account or log in first.

Hide ratings

This feature hides ratings in the Eventee app. Attendees will still be able to rate the sessions, the ratings just won't be visible to anyone except those who have access to the event's administration. Eventee doesn't offer a feature that disables the rating function completely. 

Public API

You can generate your own API token. With API access, you can e.g.: update the agenda of an event, import attendees with their profile information, delete test data, and much more.

Social Wall

This feature allows you to turn any event into your own social network where attendees can share posts and interact with like 👍 or dislike 👎 buttons. All within the web and mobile app!


This feature allows you to change the looks of the Eventee app and match it with your event identity. Learn more about the possibilities you can customize the app with this feature turned on.

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